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Box Off My Computer - About Us

We are Box Off My Computer; a new start-up company that aims to help you with your computer stuff.
Our main aim is to help people and businesses make the most of their computers by publishing everyday computer headaches and their solutions here on this site.

Box Off My Computer are a small, diverse and friendly team located in Liverpool, UK. We hope to help you with your computer skills and teach you how to make the most from your computer for either your business or yourself. We are available for lessons, basic websites and advice about computer stuff and we can also work with you at evenings and weekends. We are completely female friendly and our prices are very competitive.

Please contact us with any questions you may have about ourselves, our availability or the services we provide. We are always very happy to help and answer your questions.

Box Off My Computer - The Concept

At Box Off My Computer the idea is to document basic computer stuff and make it available to the masses for free and maybe teach a few people a few things about computers along the way, mainly the simpler stuff. It's our passion and at the moment... hardly anything else! We do our bit for free, there's no annual wage, holiday days or customer service courses, for us it's simply the desire to provide the information required to the people who desire it.

We hope that one day our idea will become a trusted custom used by many, and provoke interest from all sorts of mindful people who will contribute to the site and help solve the everyday headaches often found in computerland, for beginners and beyond.

Please help spread the good word of Box Off My Computer by recommending it to your friends, people who need computer help and also people who can help give the advice so often required.

Box Off My Computer - Age & Female Friendly

At Box Off My Computer, one of our proudest acheivements is our success working with the 'Over 50's' and 'Females' of the population. Pardon the 'catagorisation' if you will, we dont mean to offend in any way only emphisise our skills in such areas. We are super patient, friendly, clearly spoken and boast an almost all female team.

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