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Sreensaver for Security?

Posted by Box Off My Computer on March 21, 2011 at 2:34 PM

A screensaver is what your computer screen shows when the computer is left idle or untouched for a while. Depending on your computer settings your screen may switch to the screensaver after 5 mins of being idle or up to a few hours after.

Some people prefer not to have a Screensaver on their computer as sometimes they can interupt movies or presentations where the computer will not be used or touched for a long period of time, as they're being watched from a distance.

Screensavers were initally a computer program introduced to stop Plasma and Cathode Rey Tube (CRT) monitors from 'Screen Burn' which can ruin them. These days, Screensavers are mainly used for entertainment purposes and security reasons.

Screensavers look cool and people often have them set to show their photo albums so their screen will flick through their photos whilst their away from their computer or have them model their brand logos in business offices as people are often leaving their computers unattended.


People can use a Screensaver as a security measure by password protecting. This means that once the screensaver has come onto the screen, you would need to know the computer password to get rid of it. Great security if your worried about somebody using your computer or snooping whilst you've nipped to the loo.


To access the Sreensaver settings on your computer;

- Right click on your Desktop,

- Select 'Personalise' or 'Properties' whichever shows.

- Select 'Screen Saver' from the list or tab.

- Go to 'Settings', from there you can set password security, set the time to which the screensaver comes on and create or decide a wonderful screensaver!

This picture gives you an idea of what to do...


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