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Before You Buy A New Machine

Posted by Box Off My Computer on October 7, 2009 at 3:38 AM

Buying a new computer can be a headache. The jargon alone is enough to put anybody off.

Basic Spec Info.

Computer Specifications can seem like gobbledegook to many people. But when searching keep an eye out for the following details.

Memory / RAM > Ram Memory will basically determin the computers thinking speed, so the higher the better. We would recommend anything above 2GB RAM.

Opporating System > Usually Windows Vista when buying a new computer or laptop these days, some manufactors are offering a Windows 7 upgrade (Windows 7 is yet to be released) and some older designs will offer Windows XP which is still seen by many to be the best.

Hard Drive > (HDD) This is the computers saving memory, so the larger the number is the more photos, music, films and stuff you can save on it. The average now with a new computer would be around 250GB but anything around the 100GB mark would suit a basic user.

CD / DVD ROM Drive > Lots of laptop style computers now have no CD Rom Drives installed. These are generally called Net Books or Mini's. It means you cannot insert CD / DVD's into your machine and you will have to buy an external CD Rom Drive. These would be for users who primarily use the internet.

Search the likes of these websites for ideas on cost and the specifications that will suit you best;





Once you have a good idea of what you want, note of a few different machines that you like, note their name and model as its time to find the best price around.

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