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Get an Email Account

Posted by Box Off My Computer on October 16, 2009 at 4:52 AM

Ok so every new computer user needs an email account. An email account is an online address where all your online mail gets sent to. We recommend getting used to an internet based email account so you can access your emails from anywhere in the World at anytime you want.

Google Mail




These are some of the most popular Email sites. Click on any of the links above to get started, here we explain how to use a Hotmail account.

First, click on the hotmail link above, and sign up for a free MSN Hotmail account. You will have to enter some of your details; choose United Kingdom then decide what you would like your email address to be.

Please note a few things at this stage. Not all addresses will be available so you may need to have a few attempts at choosing. Try to choose something easy to remember for example. ttjj1954 and click on 'check availability' The odds are it won't be available so keep trying until you find one that suits and you like.

Then create a password, please take a note of this and dont let anybody else know it. For this example the password will be 'blogger69'. You will now need to enter a password reminder and some of your details to continue.

There will be a security check asking you to type the letters that you see in the picture, then click 'Accept'. This is just to check there is a human entering your details and not a computer. (For more info on this please click this link  CAPTCHA Script)

Then you should be ready to go! Click continue to be taken to the MSN homepage, somewhere in the top right hand corner you will find the Hotmail button, click that to login.

To login, enter your new email address and password, so in this example i would enter [email protected] and blogger69 and you're in!

You can now use your new email account to send and receive emails.


To Send An Email

To send an email, click 'NEW', then type in a friends email address who you want to send the email to. You can practice by using this address; [email protected] then type out a subject ie. I now have EMAIL!

Type out a message, anything will do. Then click 'SEND'. Its that easy!


To Receive Your Emails

To check what emails you have received, click on 'INBOX', this is where all your incoming emails will land.

If you receive junk emails, from people you do not know and are not interested in, you can click on the message and then click on 'JUNK', these messages will not land in your Inbox anymore, they will now land in the Junk folder.


To Organise Your Emails

To manage your folders click on 'MANAGE FOLDERS'. This will show you all your folders and how many messages are in each etc. You can create new folders for emails that are special or you just want to keep. To do this, click 'NEW', name the folder ie. Erin Then press enter on your keyboard. This is where we will keep all the emails that arrive from Erin. Then you may want to create more folders eg a work folder, a school folder etc.

When your done, click back on 'INBOX'

Then when you receive a message from Erin and you've read it, you can select the email and click on 'MOVE TO', a drop down menu will appear listing all your folders. Move to the Erin folder. Its easy to do and good practice to keep your emails in order, so have a play around.


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