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Manage Your Photos

Posted by Box Off My Computer on October 21, 2009 at 5:07 AM

Keeping your photos organised can help to make your computer life so much easier. You will probably have some photos on your phone and camera that you want to keep on your computer, here we talk about how to do it.

First you will need to take the pictures from your device (phone or camera) and upload them onto your computer. The device will have a USB lead supplied with it. This USB lead will plug into the device and also the computer.

Your computer should reconise that you have connected a device, if the device has not been plugged into the computer before then a box will appear like this, click 'YES, THIS TIME ONLY' then 'NEXT'

If you have previously plugged the device into the computer then a box like this will appear, click on


Now your Windows Explorer will open. It should look something like this image below, look down the left hand side list of folders to find your camera or phone device.

As you can see in the picture above, this camera shows on this computer as Removable Disk (G).

DCIM means Digital Camera Images, this is where you'll find the devices photo folders. In this case there is only 1 folder within DCIM you can see it is called '100SSCAM'. Double click to open this folder and see your photos.

Copy Your Photos

To do this bit, you first must be familiar with cut, copy and paste, read here to learn how.

If you right click on the folder containing the photos in this case called '100SSCAM' select 'COPY' then right click on the folder called 'Pictures' nearer the top of Windows Explorer and select 'PASTE' your photos will now copy from yout phone or camera into the 'Pictures' folder on your computer. This may take a few minutes depending on how many pictures you have.


Please note at this stage that you have only copied the photos so they will still remain on your camera.

To Delete Photos From your Camera Device

To delete all of your photos from your camera, open the folder in this case called '100SSCAM' then click on the 'EDIT' menu at the top of the page, then 'Select All' then right click on any of the photos and select 'Delete'.

Or, you can select photos one at a time, right click and 'Delete'

Now they should be deleted from your camera but safely stored in your Pictures folder in a file (in this case) called '100SSCAM'. You can change the name of this easily to suit yourself.

To Rename Your Photo Folders

You can easily rename your photo folders. In this case we copied the folder '100SSCAM' into our 'Picures' folder. So if you go to the 'Pictures' folder and find the file called '100SSCAM' and right click on it, select 'Rename' you can then delete the name 100SSCAM and type in whatever you want. This is important in keeping your photos organised. If the photos are all of a special occassion, call the folder after the occassion e.g. Kims Wedding July 2009. So now whenever you look in your 'Pictures' folder you will see Kims Wedding Photos July 2009 and you'll always know where they are. :)

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