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Download Music From 29p at Tesco!

Posted by Box Off My Computer on November 16, 2009 at 11:06 AM

Download MP3s for your computer from only 29p

(Usually about 79p on iTunes and other sites)

Download Albums from only £3.97

Here's 'How To' Download Music from

1 - To Download MP3s For The First Time

To download music (MP3) onto your computer from for the first time.


Click the image link above to start.

Search for the songs you want within the search bar at the top of the page.

You will then be presented with a list of options such as CD or MP3.

You can listen to a snippet of the song to see if you like it by clicking the blue play triangle next to each song.

Once you have found the song that you want, click the 'BUY' button next to the song.

This will then place the song you want into your basket.

Once you have all the songs you would like to download in your basket

Click on the basket (top right hand corner of the tesco page) to proceed to checkout.


2 - Register

You will then need to 'REGISTER' and enter your personal details. You will then be directed back to your basket.

Click the 'PAYMENT' button, you will then need to enter all your credit card details and address.

Please note you can choose to store your credit card details and address this will be the only time you have to enter this info!

Once you have entered all your details click on the pink 'CONFIRMATION' button at the bottom of the page.

You will then see a summary of your order so check it over,

If you're happy with it all, tick the 'I AGREE TO TERMS & CONDITIONS' box and click 'PLACE MY ORDER'.

A security box will open from your bank, if you use this feature then you will have to type in your password,

otherwise click 'NO THANKS' to continue.


Then due to your items being MP3's, you now need to download them to your computer.

But first, you must download the Tesco Music Manager. Please note that you only have to download this ONCE!


3 - Download the Tesco Download Manager

Please note you only have to do this the first time you download, the download manager will stay on your computer.


At the top of the tesco page, find and click on 'MY ACCOUNT' then 'ORDER HISTORY'

It will list your orders, click on the Order No. link (i.e. Order No. TE119489885979-8)

That will take you to the order details.

You will see the songs are there waiting to be downloaded but scroll down the page to 'GET DOWNLOAD MANAGER'

A box will open, Click on 'SAVE FILE'

A Download box will now open on your screen and you will see the progress of the download.

When its finished DOUBLE CLICK on the icon in the download box.

Tesco Download manager will now need your permission to continue, so click 'CONTINUE'

Click 'I AGREE' to the terms and conditions.

The download manager will now install on your computer.

Click 'FINISH' when done.

You will now have the download manager so your ready to download the MP3s that you have bought.


4 - Finally, To Download Your MP3s!


Click on your order ie. 'Order No. TE119489885979-8'

You will see the MP3s you bought are listed.

Tick the boxes next to them all then click 'DOWNLOAD'

A box will now open asking to open Tesco Download Manager, Click 'OK'

You will now see your new songs downloading in the Tesco Download Manager, at last I hear you say!!!

It may take a minute or two, but when you see the status of the download change to 'COMPLETE' the songs are now on your computer.


5 - To Find Your New MP3s On Your Computer.

Click on the start menu at the bottom left of your screen.

Find and click on 'MUSIC', usually at the right of the pop up menu.

Your music folder on your computer will now open.

You will see a folder called 'TESCO', all music that you download from Tesco will always land in this folder.

Double click the song to play it. Your computers default media player will open and the song will play.


This all may seem a bit long winded but please note that this is only so complicated for the first time you do this. Once the site has your details stored and your computer has the required download manager then the process of buying and downloading is much much quicker and easier as you will only need to complete steps 1, (replace step 2 with logging in,) 4 and 5 .

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Reply vanessa henry
5:01 PM on November 17, 2009 
I was overjoyed when i was able to download for so cheap quick and easy thanks so much box of my computer .
Reply vanessa henry
5:02 PM on November 17, 2009 
I was overjoyed when i was able to download for so cheap quick and easy thanks so much box of my computer .
Reply arch
9:33 AM on March 3, 2012 
What a complete shambles - I couldn't even get the Tesco Download Manager to install! It kept saying that the installation had ended prematurely.

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