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Scan Your Computer For Viruses

Posted by Box Off My Computer on December 14, 2009 at 6:58 AM

Before you scan your computer or laptop for viruses, you must have Anti-Virus installed on your computer.

We recommend AVG Free 9.0 for starters. Its free and simple to use, just click the image to download AVG Free Edition.

If you prefer anti-virus protection that you pay for, we recommend AVG Anti-Virus 9.0

Click here to get AVG Anti-Virus 9.0 - 2 years for the price of 1

Assuming that you now have AVG anti-virus (either free edition or not free) on your computer its time to run a scan.

To Run a Scan Using AVG.

First double click the icon for AVG on your desktop, it can also be found on the bottom right on your taskbar.

Once AVG has opened on your computer you must 'Update Now' to ensure your AVG is completely up to date.

Updating may take a few minutes.

Once Updated, click on 'Computer Scanner' and select 'Scan Whole Computer'

Once the scan has begun, it may take anything from a few minutes up to a few hours to complete but you can carry on using your computer during the scan (but please bare in mind that it does slow things down a little) just minimise the scan window and leave the scan running in the background and carry on about your stuff.

When the scan is complete, a window similar to this will appear from your taskbar.

If any infections, spyware, warnings or rootkits were found on your computer AVG will automatically find and remove them for you.You can view what was found (if anything) by clicking the 'Open Scan Result' link provided.

Schedule Regular Scans.

Scheduling regular scans helps keep your computer or laptop free from spyware and viruses that can potentially seriously harm your computer. Follow these simple instructions to schedule regular scans.

Open AVG.

Click on 'Tools'

Then click on 'Advanced Settings'

Click on 'Schedules' then 'Schedule Scan'

Tick 'Enable This Task'

Now choose your settings.

We recommend scheduling a scan for the same time everyday (when your computer is likely to be 'on') but also tick the box that says 'Run On Computer Startup If Task Has been Missed' this just means that if a scan hasn't been completed recently then AVG will automatically run a scan next time you switch on your computer.

Once you have chosen your settings, click 'Apply' then 'OK'.

You should now be protected!

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