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Managing Your Photos

Posted by Box Off My Computer on January 23, 2010 at 11:54 AM

Most digital cameras come supplied with software and a lead for transferring your photos to your computer. The software supplied is different from camera to camera so instead of explaining all the different instructions for all the different types of camera softeware,here we will explain how to copy the photos to your computer using a generic method; Windows Explorer.

Please note that you should probably read our post on managing files (to be posted in the next few hours) before taking this on, if you are familiar with 'cut, copy and paste' and have some familurarity moving, copying and organising files then this will be a piece of cake!

First, Prepare a folder on your computer to put your camera photos in.

To do this, click on the start menu (bottom right of your screen)

Find and click on a folder called 'Pictures'.

A window will open and on the right panel any pictures you already have on your computer should appear. 

Right click on the 'Pictures' folder and select 'New', and then 'Folder'



You will see a new folder created on the right panel, and also as a new sub folder within the folders list on the left.

Rename this folder (on either side) to whatever the photos should be titled ie - "Benidorm 2010".

Get Photos From Your Camera To Your Computer

Plug your camera into your computer using the USB lead that came with your camera.

Usually you will need to turn on the camera at this point.

An 'Autoplay' box should open on the computer screen,

click on 'Open Folders to View Files' (as picture below)

On the left panel of the Windows Explorer box that opens, find your camera device.

Please note it may be listed as something not as noticable as 'Camera'

In this case my has listed as 'Removal Disk (G)', Click to expand the folder and see whats in it.

You are looking for a file called 'DCIM' (Digital Camera Images)

When you have found it, double click on 'DCIM'

You will then reveal the folders inside DCIM, in my case there is only one '100SSCAM'

Double click on the folder inside DCIM, in this case '100SSCAM' and then your pictures from your camera should appear on the right.

So now the aim is to move or copy thes pictures into the folder we created earlier.

Please familiarise yourself with 'Cut, Copy and Paste' here

At the top/left of the page you are on click on 'Organise' then 'Select All'.

You will see that all the pictures on the right are selected, so now right click on any of them and select 'Copy' or 'Cut

*Please note

If you choose 'Copy', then you will make a copy of these photos and the originals will remain on your camera, possibly later causing camera memory issues and repeat copies of the same photos on your coputer.

If You choose 'Cut' then you are removing the photos completely from the camera and placing (pasting) them onto your computer.

Then using the folders list on the left, find 'Pictures' again, find the folder you created within it called something like "Benidorm 2010"

Right click on the folder and select 'Paste'.

You will now see the progress as the photos copy over from your camera to your computer. It may take some time depending on how many photos you have or the shape your computer is in. If you find this process is excessivley slow or stalled, then please cancel the task and perform some computer maintenance before starting again.

When done, you can drag and drop the photos into different folders, create as many as you like i.e. "Jennys birthday, Benidorm 2010" or "At The Pool" etc.

The important thing for us is that you learn this method of managing your different types of files such as Pictures and Music. If you use software to 'import' pictures you often end up with a hell of a mess as every software is different. If you use our way, the same rules apply for 99% of orgainising and managing all your different files.

Any questions, please ask!

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9:45 PM on February 13, 2010 
Genial post and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you seeking your information.

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