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Cut, Copy and Paste.

Posted by Box Off My Computer on January 23, 2010 at 6:52 PM

Cut, copy and paste is a way of cutting or copying files or folders and pasting them to.. wherever you want on your computer!

Its away of organising and managing the stuff on your PC. Once you learn this trick, you can apply it to lots of computer stuff thats why we call it a necassary basic computer skill.

Cut, Copy and Paste is a simple technique using only two buttons on your mouse to either left click or right click, its really that easy. For example, say I want to move a sub-folder from in the folder called 'My Pictures' to 'My Documents' (or 'Pictures' and 'Documents' on some computers; depending on what operating system you are using).

Then first open 'Windows Explorer' by clicking on the 'Start Menu' (bottom left of your screen).

Then click on 'Pictures'.

Find the folder you want to move then Right Click on it and select either 'Cut' or 'Copy'

Then Right Click on 'Documents' and click 'Paste' to glue the folder into its new place.

*Please note

If you choose 'Copy', then you will make a copy of this folder and the original folder will remain in 'Pictures', possibly later causing memory issues and repeat copies of the same folders... all over your computer.

If you choose 'Cut' then you are removing the folder from its original location completely and securing it in the place you want

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