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New Account Settings on Facebook

Posted by Box Off My Computer on March 18, 2010 at 11:42 AM

Account Settings - Use this for controlling your account settings such as name, password, email address etc.

First you will have noticed the new layout for 2010 so finding your way around will be a bit different. To get to 'Account' look at the top right hand side of the facebook page.

You will this this,

On once on the small triangle next to 'Account'.

You will now see this,

Now click on Account Settings.

As you can see below you will automatically land on the 'Settings' page.


here you can change the following -

Your Name,

User Name,

Notification Settings,

Mobile Options,


Payments and

Facebook Adverts.

Name - This has to be your real name. Next to Name, you will see 'Change' use this if your name has changed due to being married.

Username - Use this to set your facebook username and making your page easier to find as you get a custom domain. For example, ''.

Email - This is for updating your email address in case of a change.

Password - Use this to change your password. Do not let anyone know your password and do not use a password that is easy for somebody who knows you to guess. Always try to use a combination of Caps and lower case letters and numbers.

Linked Accounts - You can use this to log into other accounts whenever you log into Facebook. For example, you can set it to log into your Myspace and Google whenever you log into facebook.

Privacy - Use this to mange your privacy settings. This is a big topic to discuss, a lot of important changes can be made here such as email settings and who sees what on your profile. To read up on this section in more detail, please click here to read our post on New Facebook Privacy Settings (to be linked shortly)

Deactivate Account - Use this feature if you want to delete your facebook profile FOREVER!


On the next tab along the top you will see Networks. Click networks.

You will see a box where you can start typing the name of a network you can join.For example, 'Liverpool University' or 'Manchester' then click 'Join Network'

Please note, a lot of networks, such as Liverpool Uni will require you validate your network membership by requesting a valid email address from the network organisation ie.


The next tab along is a very important one, Notifications - use this to enable or disable emails and text messages about your facebook notifications.

So many people ask us how to stop facebook emails and text messages as they were receiving hundreds every week. Its quite a simple task to do. Just go to 'Notifications' and untick all the boxes next to all the different titles. Then click 'Save Changes' at the bottom of the page.


The Mobile tab is where facebook stores your phone number. Facebook uses your phone number to validate your account.


Use the drop down menu to set your primary language in order to browse Facebook in the language of your choice. You can also choose to help Facebook translate Facebook pages click on the link 'Translations Application' to take part in this.


Credits balance - Use this to buy more Facebook Credits, credits are used for playing some games on facebook and you can also buy gifts for your friends using credits. In order to buy Facebook credits, you will need to register your Visa or Mastercard details.

Payment methods - use this to manage your payment methods for facebook credits and advertisment campaigns you may have.

Preferred currency - Change the currency of your payments.


This tab is for editing your privacy concerned with facebook and third party adverts.

Maybe you have come accross this type of advert, where it tells you about your friend becoming a fan of a particular page? Your friend can stop their name appearing as part of this advert by editing these settings.

You will see two drop down menus on this page; one near the top and one near the bottom. In order to protect your name on ads like these, change both drop down menus to 'No One' and click 'Save Changes'.

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