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What is an ipad?

Posted by Box Off My Computer on August 31, 2010 at 11:14 AM

Ipads are 'tablet computers' made by Apple.

A tablet computer or simply a tablet is a complete computer squeezed into flat touch screen that uses only a stylus, digital pen or fingertip as the primary input device (instead of a keyboard or mouse).

Ipads first appeared in our shops in January 2010. Even though prices range from £429 to over £800 each Apple still managed to sell three million of them in 80 days and so they're proving rather popular. Ipad is particularly marketed as a platform for audio and visual media such as books, movies, music, and games and web content.

A Few Good Points About Ipad

- Its appearence is very fetching, you will be the coolest kid on the block with an ipad.

- Good battery life.

- It's as light as a feather... compared to most laptops.

- Ipad can run all the apps available for iphone.

- Good for ebooks and newspaper reading.

A Few Bad Points About Ipad

- Does not support flash

- No multi-tasking which is very dissapointing. You can only use one application at a time.

- No USB connection option. In fact the ipad only has an ipod connector. This limits what you can plug into it and means you have to use adaptors for most things.

- No SD card slot for your photo cards.

- No Camera, huff.

- No CD or DVD Drive.

- Ipad doesnt have a huge storage drive.

- Ipad only runs Apple Apps which is a pretty poor performance.

- The battery cannot be replaced.

- No widescreen capabilities.

- The list goes on.

If you're still interested in buying a Ipad check out some prices first here...

Ipads at Amazon

Ipads at PC World

Ipad Accessories

Buying accessories for your new toys can often be expensive. The Ipad is no different.

As we have learned above; Ipads have no ports except for an ipod connector meaning you have to use adaptors for everything.But there are some pretty cool accessories available too.

See some prices for the accessories here, be sure to always shop around for the best deals.

Ipad Accessories at PC World

Ipad Accessories at Dixons

Ipad Accessories on Amazon

To read more about the ipad visit this website all ablout them -


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