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If you're allergic to websites or simply dont want a website for your business, then the next best thing is to get listed online by business directories. There are many directories available, so its best to list your business on a few that are relevent to your business.

At Box Off My Computer, we can do this for you. We will list your business on six different online directories, all for a standard charge of £50. We will send you the details of your listings so you can do with them as you please.

This is our Google Maps listing, we can list your business llike this as well as on other Business Directories such as  Free Index and B2B this will be included for your £50 standard one off fee.

Please note, if a detail changes, maybe you move premises, then we can update your listings for £30.

If you prefer to do this for yourself, please check out our Website Help Blog as we explain how to get yourself listed on business directories.

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