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At Box Off My Computer, we can attend local residence and business to offer solutions to everyday computer headaches, projects and lessons. We aim to pass on knowledge and not to make money. We can attend during normal working hours, evenings and weekends as we aim to make ourselves and our services as accessable as possible.

Please see map for locality.

Box Off My Computer - Age & Female Friendly

At Box Off My Computer, one of our proudest acheivements is our success working with the 'Over 50's' and 'Females' of the population. Pardon the 'catagorisation' if you will, we dont mean to offend in any way only emphisise our skills in such areas.

We are super patient, friendly, clearly spoken and boast an almost all female team. We therefore offer a better choice and dimension to our clients and visitors in comparisson to other companies within the same field who are often male majority.

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