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Box Off My Computer - Writers and Bloggers Wanted

Box Off My Computer are looking for creative people with basic computer skills to write 'How To' blogs for our site.

We receive so many requests for step by step instructions and explinations for common computer problems that we need to enlist help from any enthusiastic, young or old, writers and bloggers out there. This opportunity would suit anyone who enjoys helping others, has a bit of spare time on their hands (only a few hours a month), is clearly spoken and has an easy to understand manner of writing.

If you are interested in helping us out and want to gain some experience in technical writing, blogging or voluntary work then please start by writing a 'How To' blog on any of these topics;

- The Keyboard, Tips & Tricks.
- Computer Wires & Cables Explained.
- Watching TV Through Your Computer.

Or, even suprise us with one of your own! Please take a look at our published blog entries for more about what we look for in a post. Please use as many images, details, creativeness and humour as you like. Just be yourself!

Email your blog to us along with your details and details of any other writing or blogging you may do and a few sentences on why helping us out suits you.

We will consider your application and contact you as soon as possible. Please note there is no limit to the amount of times you can apply for this opportunity and there is no time limit on applications as we are always looking for mindful people who would be a credit to our team.

So get creative, impress us and join our team. We look forward to hearing from you.

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If we have helped you in any way and you have a website, why not show your appreciation and link back to us? We can offer your website users that we offer you. You can be safe in the knowledge that your visitors will receive quality advice about computer basics without the bombardment of spam emails, costly subscriptions or dodgy downloads.

If you do link back to us then please be sure to let us know as we'd like to check out the sites that help us. If your site is one that could help our users then we will publish a link to your site too as a thank you.

We are currently offering £1 per 100 visitors directed by you!

Please take advantage of this and get our links on your site ASAP and let us know that you are affiliating us so we can monitor the amount of visitors you send us.

Visit Box Off My Computer Affiliate Page for text links, banners and images and get promoting.

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