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Box Off My Computer - Static Website Packages - £100

A static website is a website that is easy to create, manage and is very effective at providing an online presence for you or your business. Click the image to take a closer look.

A static website generally stays the same, it doesn't need updating very often if at all and will simply list the basic details of your company or business.

At Box Off My Computer we can build a static site like this one for as little as £100 that's if you wouldnt mind a few adverts being displayed on there? The price for the same site with no adverts is £200.

Box Off My Computer - Basic Website Packages - £200

Box Off My Computer offers a basic website package that includes the website designed to your taste and 4 updates there after. Just give us the updated information and we'll update your site up to 4 times. Updates can be issued to us whenever you like, up to 3 years after initially purchasing the site. We'll update your site immediately upon instruction.

This package is suitable if you're just starting out a business or a band. Things change such as addresses, telephone numbers, band members etc. Maybe you want to change the image of the site, thats cool too. Maybe you want to start a blog for your business, we'll do the updating on your behalf.

Basic website package starts at £200 with adverts and £300 for advert free sites. There are 4 updates included in these prices.

Box Off My Computer - Domain & Website Packages - £250

Box Off My Computer can offer a website and a domain name for a £250 (with ads) and £350 (ad free) plus *£25 per year for continuation of domain registration.

Having a personalised domain can seriously help your site and brand name. The domain we offer with our sites is but with the Domain Package your site can boast or a .com domain.

Obviously, in our case  is much better for business than, what do you think?

A Domain Package also includes 4 updates.

Box Off My Computer - Managed Website Packages - £350 per year

A managed website similar to this one includes up to 10 pages, a domain name and monthly updates by us for only £350 per year (with adverts) or £425 per year (without adverts).

It's a fantastic way of creating a popular place for the public to follow you or your business, stay up to date with news, blogs, photos, videos, events and more.

This site is not a sample, but an actual website from the Box Off My Computer portfolio. Our client is a poet who prefers not to learn about and spend time managing and updating his site and so we do everything for him. He just lets us know his stuff and we publish it on his site for him. A cool deal we think!

You may also notice that this particular site has social networking facilities such as 'Become A Fan On Facebook', which we also manage on the poets behalf. Learn more about or Social Networking Services.

*Please note that this featured website does not have its own domain name yet which is normally included in the Managed Package*

Box Off My Computer - Extra Site Updates - From £18 Per Page

No matter which of website package you purchase, Box Off My Computer will always be on hand to help you if you get stuck or need help. Occassionally you may fancy a re-vamp for your website, a bit of an image change, a blog update or whatever, Box Off My Computer can do this for you at a small cost. We charge a standard fee of £30 per page update, or 5 pages for an amazing £90!

Learn How To Build A Website & Manage It Yourself!

At Box Off My Computer, we can build and manage your website for you or we can teach you how to do it yourself.

Check out our Website Help Blog for free help and advice about building a website. You can even Ask us A Question if you need any help along the way, we're always pleased to help.

If you would prefer a one-to-one lesson to learn how to build and manage a website then please see our page about Attendance & Lessons,  also see our Website Price List for details on pricing.

You can learn how to build and manage your website with one of us at Box Off My Computer sat beside you for as little as £250. You will have our ongoing support with your website for as long as you need it at no extra cost!

Box Off My Computer - About The Price

At Box Off My Computer we aim to offer our help and advice for free, but the services listed on this page are particular to your own needs and so unfortunately we have to charge a fee.

Our computer services are extremely competitive, taking into account the credit crunch and also because we are a young business, building a client base, reputation and portfolio for our business.

Our prices can be negotiated if you wish to use more than one of our services, please contact us to talk about your requirements. Please note there is no obligation or pressure from us. We will simply ask about your requirements and then in turn, tell you your options with us and without us.

We offer a friendly ongoing after service to our clients by phone, email or even personal visit (if you are local). Please see our Attendence & Lessons page for more details of locality.

For a detailed website price list please click here (pdf).

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